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W e   a r e   a   g r o u p   o f   f a m i l y   a n d   f r i e n d s   w h o   h a v e   c o m e   t o g e t h e r     t o   s h o w   o u r   l o v e   a n d   s u p p o r t   f o r   a   s p e c i a l  l i t t l e  girl,                     C a l l i e   M a r i e   S w i n t o s k y .

On October 4th, 2009, Callie Swintosky of Newville, PA suffered three (3)debilitating strokes due to viral encephalitis.  She was four  (4) years old at the time.  After eight (8) weeks of hospitalization Callie came home to be with her family,  This virus came with a great price, leaving Callie blind and unable to speak.  She has made progress to date, but has mounting medical bills, therapy and rehabilitation to learn the basic motor skills and communication skills that she has lost due to this horrendous virus. 

    We are sponsoring a basket bingo fundrasier in Shippensburg to benefit Callie and her family.  Callie now needs full time attention to her illness, thus eliminating a two (2) income household to a one (1) income family.  Her mother can now give her full time attention, getting to all her appointments ( medical, physical therapy and other visit).

Callie's Story  

September 30th, 2009

Callie Marie Swintosky was out on her driveway on a beautiful sunny day, riding her bicycle without training wheels, proud of her accomplishment. She was excited about the fact that she could now print her name all by herself. She was a bright, beautiful 4 year-old with a wonderful future ahead of her.

October 6th, 2009, 4 year-old Callie, woke up not feeling well. She was at the doctors a few days before where she was treated for flu-like symptoms and sent her home to recover. That morning when Callie awoke, her speech was slurred and she was holding her arm. Her mom called the pediatrician and was told to take her to the local hospital as a precaution. After a quick evaluation, her mom and dad, Heather and Eric Swintosky, were informed that Callie had a stroke and was being flown by helicopter to Penn State Hershey Medical Center.

There she was intubated and many tests begun. An MRI  revealed a 7mm shift of her brain. Due to the swelling of her brain, further testing had been limited. In the course of a few more days, Callie suffered two more strokes. One which affected the visual cortex of her brain. After many weeks of tests, she was diagnosed with Atpical Viral Encephalitis, meaning that the encephalitis did not present itself in a normal way, thus slowing diagnosis.

After 8 weeks at Hershey Medical Center, Callie came home to be with her family and began a slow and grueling process to overcome the handicap it left her with. This virus came at a great price, leaving Callie blind, unable to speak and her motor skills adversely affected.

At the present time, She has made remarkable recovery to motor skills and communication she has lost due to this horrendous virus.

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